A number of Acoustica´s older recordings are still available on LP:

ACLP-101 Falu Wind Quintet. Jan Carlstedt: Pentastomos, Quintett., Hans
   Holewa: Quintet

ACLP-102 Bengt Forsberg, piano. Henning Mankell: piano music

ACLP-103 Aquarius. Arne Mellnäs: Nocturnes; Bo Ullman: L´assenza nuova;
   Ladislav Kubík: Lament of a warrior´s wife

ACLP-104 Mats Rondin, cello. Bach: Suite no.6; Ingvar Lidholm: Fantasia sopra
   Laudi; Benjamin Britten: Suite no.2

ACLP-105 Mats Rondin, cello, Bengt Forsberg, piano. Bohuslav Martinu:
   Variations on a Slovakian Theme; Béla Bartók: Rhapsody no.1;
   Gunnar de Frumerie: Cello Sonata no.2

ACLP-106 Mats Widlund, piano. Gunnar de Frumerie: Piano Sonatas 1 & 2;
   Claude Debussy: Images 1, Deux Arabesques

ACLP-108 The New Stockholm Chamber Orchestra with Karl-Ove Mannberg.
   Jan Carlstedt: Sonata; Karl-Birger Blomdahl: Pastoral Suite;
   Ingvar Lidholm: Music for Strings