ACCD-1008 The New Stockholm Chamber Orchestra
(Stockholms Nya Kammarorkester, SNYKO), with Karl-Ove Mannberg
ACCD-1009 Mats Rondin, cello "Contemporary European Cello Music"
ACCD-1010 Sonanza "Contemporary Nordic Chamber Music"
ACCD-1011 Roger Carlsson, percussion "Contemporary Nordic Percussion Music"
ACCD-1012 Dan Laurin, recorders
ACCD-1013 The Lysell Quartet "Jan Carlstedt, String Quartets 1, 2 & 3"
ACCD-1014 Bengt Forsberg, piano "Solitaires"
ACCD-1015 The Lysell Quartet "Jan Carlstedt. Part 2"
ACCD-1016 Bengt Forsberg, piano "Solitaires 2"
ACCD-1017 Sarah Lindloff, flute "Wings"